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Wahl ZX962, PowerPik 3000 Turbo Hair Dryer 1800W

The powerpik 3000 delivers 1800 watts of powerful performance for ultra fast drying results. 3 heat and 2 speed settings provide maximum styling control with a cold shot to set your style. Pik attachment designed for reaching hard to dry areas and 2 concentrator nozzles for precision styling. Fitted with a hanging loop, 3m salon length cable and removable air filter for easy cleaning.

  • 1800W AC motor for quick drying
  • 3 heat, 2 speed settings
  • Removable air filter
  • Hanging loop
  • 3M salon length cable
  • 2 concentrator nozzles
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 Philips S3580/06, Mens Electric Shaver 3000 Series, fig. 1
Philips S3580/06, Mens Electric Shaver 3000 Series

The shaver series 3000 gives you an easy and convenient shave. 4 direction flex heads, combined with a comfort cut blade system guarantee s smooth result.

Get a comfortable shave, wet or dry. Our ComfortCut Blade System with rounded profile heads glide smoothly across your skin while protecting it from nicks and cuts.Flex heads with 4 independent movements adjust to every curve of your face, giving you an easy shave even on the neck and jawline.Choose how you prefer to shave. With the Aquatec Wet and Dry seal, you can opt for a quick yet comfortable dry shave. Or you can shave wet—with gel or foam—even under the shower.

You'll have 50+ minutes of running time—that's about 17 shaves—on a one-hour charge. This shaver only operates in cordless mode.Simply pop the heads open and rinse thoroughly under the tap.Complete your look by using the pop-up trimmer. Perfect for maintaining a moustache and trimming sideburns.

This shaver is designed to operate only in cordless mode. Always unplug it before shaving.

  • Comfort Cut blade system
  • 4-direction flex heads
  • 50 min cordless use/1 hr charge
  • Rounded edges move smoothly over skin for a protective shave
  • Get a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave with Aquatec
  • One touch open, for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for trimming your sideburns and moustache
  • Cordless operation only
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 Philips S1510/04, Mens Electric Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer, fig. 1
Philips S1510/04, Mens Electric Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer

The Shaver Series 1000 offers you an easy and convenient shave at an affordable price. 4-direction Flex head, combined with a Close cut blade system guarantee a smooth result.

  • Convenient, Easy shave
  • Durable, self-sharpening blades for an effortless shave
  • Heads flex in 4 directions to easily shave every curve
  • Maximum power year after year
  • 40 minutes of cordless shaving after an eight-hour charge
  • Open by pressing the button, then use the brush to clean
  • Perfect for trimming your sideburns and moustache
  • Cordless operation only
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 Philips HP6341/02, Ladyshave with Trimming Comb, fig. 1
Philips HP6341/02, Ladyshave with Trimming Comb

With this all-round shaver you can shave your whole body quickly, easily and safely. The secret is the small shaving head, which cuts quickly while protecting your skin. A soft and smooth feeling after every use!

  • Safe shaving system for ultimate skin protection
  • Profiled, ergonomic grip for comfortable handling
  • Wet and dry for use in bath or shower
  • Shave anywhere with this cordless lady shaver.
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 Philips BG105/10, Body Groom with Skin Protector Guards, fig. 1
Philips BG105/10, Body Groom with Skin Protector Guards

The Series 1000 is designed specifically for the body, unlike other manual or electric tools made for the face. It comes with a unique skin-protection system and compact design, ideal for use on smaller, sensitive areas or on the go.

The unique skin protection system guards even your most sensitive body areas, allowing you to comfortably trim hair as close as 0.5 mm without direct contact between the sharp edge of the blades and your skin. Uniquely designed with a bi-directional trimmer and 3-mm comb, this tool makes it possible to catch and cut hairs even when they grow in different directions. For thicker hair, pre-trimming with the comb is recommended

This compact, AA battery-powered trimmer can be used whenever and wherever you need it. One battery delivers up to two months' use (run time may differ depending on hair type and body grooming frequency). For optimal performance use only high-quality Philips Alkaline AA batteries

This body groomer is 100% waterproof and showerproof, so you can simply rinse it clean when you've finished. For best results, use on dry hair before you shower

The rubber grip is designed to ensure optimal handling even when wet, for better control during use, in or out of the shower.Use the shower cord to hang your body groomer where it's most convenient for you. Easily accessible and always ready to go, whatever the occasion

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 Philips NT3160, Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer, fig. 1
Philips NT3160, Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer

The Philips NOSETRIMMER Series 3000 gently removes unwanted nose, ear and eyebrow hairs. The ProtecTube technology and the specially designed angle of the trimmer ensure a fast, easy and comfortable trim with no pulling guaranteed.

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 Philips HS800/04, Anti-Iriitation Moisturising Shaving Conditioner Balm, fig. 1
Philips HS800/04, Anti-Iriitation Moisturising Shaving Conditioner Balm

Moisturising shaving conditioner for your Philips NIVEA FOR MEN shaver. The formula is enriched with Chamomile and Vitamins to condition your skin and support a healthy look.

The balm delivers intense levels of long lasting moisture, with Chamomile that soothes the skin and prevents irritation while you're shaving. Your blade will glide easier over the skin that will benefit further from the additives vitamin E and provitamin B5.


 Braun 190S, Series 1 Mains Shaver, fig. 1
Braun 190S, Series 1 Mains Shaver
37.50 37.00

The perfect shaver series from Braun for demanding beginners. An ergonomic design and extra-wide shaver head gives you an efficient shave.

  • Braun's proprietary cutting elements are optimized to give outstanding closeness and skin comfort
  • SmartFoil smoothly captures hairs growing in different directions
  • Full washability
  • Precision trimmer
  • LED battery indicator
  • 40 min running time. Full recharge in 1 hour
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 Braun SE3270, Silk-Epil 3 Leg & Body Epilator & Shaver, fig. 1
Braun SE3270, Silk-Epil 3 Leg & Body Epilator & Shaver

The Braun Silk Epil SE3270 provides soft and ultra-gentle epilation. It's been designed for easy, gentle hair removal and features 20 tweezers to remove hair at the root. The massaging rollers smoothly stimulate and massage your skin to ease the epilation and increase the comfort in your beauty routine.

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 Braun SE1370, Silk-Epil 1 Legs & Body Epilator, fig. 1
Braun SE1370, Silk-Epil 1 Legs & Body Epilator

Silk-épil 1 is the basic model within the Silk-épil epilator range. The 20 tweezer system easily removes hair at the root so the skin stays silky smooth for weeks not days. The softLift tips effectively lift even flat lying hairs at the root and guide them to the tweezers. Underarm cap included for sensitive areas.

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 Braun M90 Mobile Shaver with Precision Trimmer, fig. 1
Braun M90 Mobile Shaver with Precision Trimmer
39.00 (Including tax)

The Braun Mobile Shaver M90 now comes complete with Braun’s trademark SmartFoilTM technology, meaning it’s even easier for men to stay smooth on the move. This stylish grooming accessory is fully washable under running water for ultimate convenience. It fits in every pocket, making it perfect for quick touch-ups on the go.

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 Braun FG1100-WHITE Bikini Styler & Shaver - White, fig. 1
Braun FG1100-WHITE Bikini Styler & Shaver - White
28.60 (Including tax)

Pen-sized battery operated Silk-épil bikini styler - ideal for meticulous detailing all over. Designed for shaving precise lines, shapes or contours. The Silk-épil bikini styler FG1100 is washable and extremely compact, meaning you can keep it close by on your travels.

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